Pose longue, trucs et astuces

La photographie en pose longue est assez technique et requiert une bonne compréhension et nombre d'accessoires. Réalisant ce type de prises de vue depuis une dizaine d'années, j'ai pu utiliser et tester différents matériels et accessoires, ceux-ci ayant fortement évolués. Je vais donc essayer de vous proposer ici des solutions pour vous rendre la vie plus simple sur le terrain.

Long Exposure handy stuff

Long exposure is often used for landscape and seascape, often inspiring calm and serenity. But shooting them can be tricky and nervous. Indeed, you will often put yourself running in rocks, avoiding waves, with several Kg on your shoulders ! During more than ten years shooting long exposure, gear and accessories has evolved a lot, I have used lot of different solutions, and I will present you here some (I hope) handy stuff.

LensChanger Application

LensChanger is a software application that allows you to change lenses registered within xmp files (sidecar files for Raws), jpeg files, and tiff files through exif metadata. LensChanger has been designed as a standalone, lightweight, portable and very easy to use application. It can work with whatever software you are using for xmp sidecar files with raw files, like LightRoom, ApertureOne, etc... So, you can keep it on an USB drive and run it with a few clicks to get all your files applied with the correct lenses.

Sony A7R for Canon users

Here is a review of Sony A7R from a Canon user perspective.

This one is not intended to be a complete, exhaustive review as you can find on DPreview or such site. I will just focus on my photographic use, which is purely Canon geared, towards slow, mainly tripod shooting.

Le RAW, définition, utilisation et workflow.

Avant de se demander comment développer un raw et mettre en place un worflow pour photographier systématiquement en raw, commençons par le définir et mieux comprendre si on en a besoin ... ou pas ! Désolé, mais il va falloir un peu de technique...